A 1967 Blue Vespa Super

At first since I knew scooter in 2009, I had only my father’s scooter, which I have been riding it now, but one early 2014, i had decided to buy the new scooter from Trung; who has been my friend when we was student at university period;  a 1967 VBC Vespa, the colour is light blue, that is also one of my favorite colours. After having it for a long time, getting so multiple trips, i discovered myself was not suitable on this such scooter. Soon after, i sold it out, to a young and nice lady, which bought it for her boyfriend as a birthday present, in Hanoi – the North.

The tire of this version was set on 8″ diameter, which lower than mine, 10″D. It is because i initially like this scooter at an advantage: the flexibility when riding in the city, as well as the smoothie when you were heading on the slope or the U-pass on hills or mountains. One more interested thing, its weight is lighter than others, so you can speed it like a strong wind without much difficult. But at last, I unfortunately had it sold.

These below photos are the ones I had taken when sparing my trips/time round 2015 somethings…by a manual 35mm film Nikon FM2 with 35mm lens.


Somewhere in Bình Thuận mountains, heading to a power electricity


On the way to Đà Lạt


Heading down to Ninh Thuận province, just one-third to see this favorite pass: Ngoạn Mục


An old-electricity in Bình Thuận&Lâm Đồng


On the way to Dilinh, via Gia Bắc pass.




ThuDuc, Apr 06, 2018


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